Get inspired by our favourites, from egg roll and puff puff to banana ice cream and popsicle.

Egg roll by Ymmieliciouz Food Recipes
Chicken pie by Ymmieliciouz Food Recipes

This mouth watering, rich and hot chiken pie is loaded and delicious. It is crystal clear why this pie is always a winner.

60 MINUTES          EASY          HEALTHY          FREEZABLE      

Puff puff by Ymmieliciouz Food Recipes

Once you have tasted these deliciousness, sweet puff puff from Yummieliciouz, there be absolutely no looking back! Slightly crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

45 MINUTES          EASY          HEALTHY          REFRIGERATABLE      

Egg roll by Ymmieliciouz Food Recipes

Do something new and delicious with your eggs by frying egg into your dough as extra special crunch.

70 MINUTES          EASY          HEALTHY          REFRIGERATABLE       

Ring doughtnut

If you like your ring doughnut deep-fried and sugared on the outside, we have got the right recipe for you.

35 MINUTES          EASY          HEALTHY          REFRIGERATABLE