How to Preserve Green Plantain for as Long as you Wish

Green plantains are distinguished by their age. They are clearly the younger immature or unripe stage of the fruit. Their green peel is thin and they have a very firm and starchy textured, lean-flavored flesh due to their very low sugar content. As plantains ripen, they become sweet and their colour changes from green to yellow to brown to black.

Green plantain is a well known and an extremely versatile fruit. It is used in making different types of staple food and delicious snacks, they are easily digestible and consumed in most countries. Green plantains, as the name suggests, are used in green/healthy recipes, such as but not limited to: green plantain chips, green plantain porridge, green plantain vegetable porridge, green plantain flour (when dehydrated and grounded), green plantain swallow/amala/solid, green plantain pap/ogi/akamu/puree, green plantain tostones, and more. Green plantains can be deep-fried, shallow-fried, boiled, cooked, steamed or baked.

Green plantain, otherwise known as unripe/young plantain is classified as a fruit. 215 g of green plantains contains significant amount of potassium (663 mg), carbohydrates (58 g), dietary fibre (3 g), protein (2 g), vitamin A (63 ug), vitamin C (23 mg), iron, vitamin B-6 (0.29 mg) and magnesium (57 mg).

Due to these outstanding nutrients, green plantain is said to have a health promoting benefits, including but not limited to: its promotion of bowel regularity, its ability reduce the risk of diabetes; boosts immune system and promotes healthy heart.

This blog is for plantain lovers just like myself, who like to use ever GREEN PLANTAINS at all times without the need to worry that their fresh unripe (green) plantain would turn yellow/brown/black on the outside (plantain peel) and become ripe, soft or mushy on the inside in a few days.

Unripe plantain tends to turn /yellow/brown/black and very soft and becomes unsuitable for making your favourite recipes within 3-5 days of purchase when stored, on average, above the suitable temperature of 10.5ºC, which is clearly lower than the average room temperature of 21ºC.

The optimum temperature to store unripe/green plantain is said to be between 9-12ºC for a limited period of 1-3 weeks . Like other fruits, plantain is extremely perishable (that is, it is liable to spoilage or go bad quite quickly) most especially, when the weather is hot/hottest - summer - autumn period.

Additionally, green plantain can be very expensive during winter season when the weather is at its coldest.

So, this blog will solve a few problems:

1 Saves you some money.

2 Allows you to continue to eat fresh and ever green (not yellow/black/brown) plantain.

3 Prevents green plantain from turning yellow/brown/black (going bad).

4 Keeps unripe green (and uncooked) plantain fresh for ever.

In the video below, we successfully preserved green plantain from ripping using an unconventional method. This method preserves not only the plantains but also the nutrients, taste and texture.

What you need:

Green plantain


Resealable freezer bags

cutting board

​Prep time: 10mins

​How to make | Preparation | Method

Click to watch the video below for a comprehensive step-by-step preparation instructions

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