Creamy Garri (Garium Sulphate) and Peanut Smoothie - Truly Original!

Truly unique! So, what is it? Like many other smoothies, it's a thick, creamy, sweet and cold (when chilled) beverage made from garri powder (garri lebu or fine garri), fruit (banana) blended with fresh whole milk, evaporated milk (or condense milk for a creamier consistency), peanuts and maple syrup, chocolate powder and crushed ice - are optional. This unique and nutritious combination or blend results to what we now call: ''Creamy Garri and Peanut Smoothie'', otherwise called Garium Sulphate Smoothie - peanut flavoured or better still fortified garri smoothie or garri ati epa smoothie (in local dialect).

For those out there who do not know or who haven't heard about garri or garri granule or cassava flakes as otherwise known. It's a popular West African food derived from cassava tubers. In Nigeria and some other West African countries, garri is widely consumed in liquid form as a drink (garri and water) and in solid form as a side dish known as eba (when prepared on heat with hot water) with soup (efo, okra, fish soup, meat soup etc.).

Given that garri is made from processed cassava, it is classified as starchy tuberous root. It has high amount of carbohydrate and dietary fibre. Due to being rich in these nutrients, garri is a perfect energy booster - high source of energy. According to research, it is said to possess health promoting benefits, including its ability to aid bowel emptying and prevent bowel cancer. However, as with every food, over consumption can be health detrimental.

This unique, ingenious, healthy and creamy GARIUM SULPHATE SMOOTHIE will give you that nutritious, creamy-tasty, refreshing and truly original smoothie that you deserve. Garri and peanuts is only a blend away! It is made by combining garri powder and peanuts (the main ingredients) with banana, fresh whole milk, evaporated milk (for that creamy feeling), maple syrup and some chocolate powder (Milo).

This can be customised to your taste. There is absolutely no right or wrong fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds to add. Garium sulphate smoothie can be taking as breakfast or as lunch or as dinner, or as supper or even as a refreshment at anytime, any day and anywhere!

In the video below, we successfully made a unique SMOOTHIE using a conventional method and introducing a local ingredient, garri lebu, which we labelled garri powder. This blend gives you a nutritious, delicious, creamy, filling and energy boosting smoothie you in all probability have never heard of or tried out. This ever yummieliciouz Smoothie made by Yummieliciouz Food Recipes will leave your mouth watering, your tummy filled and your energy boosted! Enjoy and don't forget to share with your loved ones. Sharing is caring!


50g Garri powder (garri lebu)

1 ripe banana (200g)

50g roasted peanuts (oven roasted)

1 cup fresh whole milk (200g) 1/2 cup evaporated milk (100g)

1 tbsp maple syrup (optional)

2 tbsp Milo or chocolate powder (optional)

​Serves 3 Cooks in 5 mins

​How to make | Preparation | Method

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