Review: Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500SXC

Panasonic MJ-L500 is a masticating slow juicer with a 150 watts motor, a 400ml marked juice container and a pulp container. It has one speed plus an anti-clog reverse setting and comes with a frozen attachment for making sorbets and frozen desserts.

Panasonic slow-speed juicer features:

  1. Food pusher

  2. Feeding tube and lid

  3. Squeezing screw

  4. Juicer attachment (filter, rotating brush & rubber brush)

  5. Frozen attachment

  6. Juicing bowl

  7. 1.2l juice container

  8. 1l pulp container

  9. Cleaning brush

  10. 150 watts sturdy, non-slip motor powered base

This Slow Juicer is easy to handle, quiet and a compact design to behold. Thus, it takes less of your work space and it doesn't take up much of your storage either.

I have been using this unique, innovative, sleek and high performance slow juicer for over a year. This is yet another great kitchen asset, masticating slow juicer which comes with a sturdy and non-slip150 watts motor powered base which performs two distinctive functions, including juice extraction and makes frozen desserts. The technology features an intelligent program that brings together pressing and crushing to extract maximum juice and retain nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidant vital for health and well-being.

Panasonic slow juicer presses and squeezes ingredients slowly to retain nutrients and vitamins, increase the juice yield and minimise waste.The low speed motor and vertical juicing screw extracts as much of the goodness from the fruit as possible, with reduced oxidisation to produce longer lasting juice. It comes with a handy frozen attachment for making frozen sorbets or desserts - using frozen fruits and vegitable.

For ease, the Panasonic slow juicer attachments are dishwasher-safe to take the hassle out of cleaning. It comes with a cleaning brush, the tip of the handle can be used to remove pulp from the juice spout or pulp spout. It also comes with a comprehensive and easy to follow operating instructions. It is easy to assemble and clean.

Panasonic slow juicer is flawless at making pure juice and frozen juice, crushing and cutting through frozen fruits and vegetables effortlessly using its slow 150W motor and gives the best, ice-cold, refreshing drink always. The frozen attachment is perfect for homemade frozen yogurt too.

Panasonic slow juicer is equally great at juicing frozen fruits and vegetables. Additionally, it can be used to make almond milk and many more. The reverse switch can be pressed and held to allow reverse rotation, this can be used when the ingredients are jammed.

The special stainless squeezing screw ensures the maximum pressing, crushing to extract maximum juice and retain vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidant, helping you to get the maximum and stay at the forefront of your healthy diets and goals. The stainless squeezing screw helps to break down even the fibrous of fruits and vegetables such as kale, pineapple to give even the ever purest and smoothest consistency compared to other juicers.

The easy to use, clear and responsive power switch produces the preferred consistency with a push of a button. All the detachable parts, including: food pusher, feeding tube, lid, squeezing screw, juice filter, rotating brush, rotating rubber, juicing bowl, juicing container, pulp container, cleaning brush and the main body are resistant to being stained by colours from fruits and vegetables. The juicing container’s volume measurements are legible and accurate.

Panasonic slow juicer can be expensive, the retail sales price ranges from £133.64 (being the sales price as at Dec. 2017 on Amazon) to £200.99 (standard retail sales price on The juicer is quite slim, has 10 parts to store and a few parts to clean when used. The juicer is quite quiet because of its 150 watts motor. I literally use mine three to four time a week over the last one year and I can hardly fault it.

Unfortunately it has a very small feeding tube/hole, so fruit and vegetables need to be cut or cubed to into smaller sizes in order to feed through the feeding tube, which can be a lengthy process. This con clearly underscore the numerous pros - its excellent ability to juice frozen fruit for sorbets or frozen yogurts, its compact design, its excellent ability to extract large amount of finest juice from fruits and vegetables, its ability to make almond milk, its impressive crushing and juicing action, its slow speed, its inability to generate a loud noise and many more.

According to GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTION (GHI), Panasonic MJ-L500SXC Slow Juicer gave amazing results across all tested ingredients, other than tomatoes, which produced more froth than juice. The GHI expert verdict for Panasonic Slow Juicer is an impressive overall score, 79 out 100.

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