Review: Ninja Complete Food Processor with Auto-iQ and Nutri Ninja 1500W – BL682UK2

Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-IQ Technology features:

  1. Ninja blade (powerful blades) technology

  2. BPA free pitchers – 2l blender, 1.8l food processor bowl, nutri ninja cups (650 ml and 500 ml)

  3. Drip-free pour spout

  4. Total crushing technology

  5. LED control panel with timer

  6. 1,500W sturdy, non-slip motor powered base

  7. Smart lid for easy release

  8. 3 speeds: low, medium & high

  9. 5 Auto-IQ settings – frozen drink/smoothies, food puree, blend, ultra blend and pulse

  10. Nutrient and vitamin extraction

I have been using this unique, innovative, sleek and high performance, great kitchen asset, smart blender which comes with a base and performs three distinctive functions, including nutrient and vitamin extraction, blender and food processor for well over 2 years now. The technology features an intelligent program that brings together pulsing, blending and pausing patterns that does the perfect work for you.

Nutri Ninja blender system is dishwasher safe however care needs to be taken when handling the blades by always holding them by the shaft as they are quite sharp. It comes with a comprehensive and easy to follow owner’s guide. It is easy to assemble and clean.

Nutri Ninja system is flawless at making frozen drinks, frozen smoothies, crushing ice, cutting through frozen fruits and vegetables effortlessly using its powerful 1500W motor and total crushing technology and giving you the best, ice-cold, refreshing drink always. The pureeing function is perfect for homemade soup and baby food puree.

I have personally, consistently used low dough function to mill oats into oat flour/powder. The low dough function is equally good for batters for cake making, kneading and dough mixing for bread, pie, pizza, pretzel, cookies, doughnut dough and many more. The processing function is also quite fantastic for pates, stewed fruits, dips, apple sauce, spreads and baby food.

Additionally, Nutri ninja system is great at grating cheese, making bread crumbs and spices; it is equally good at chopping onions, vegetables, nuts, pepper and more. The Auto-IQ is fantastic for mincing onion, garlic and herbs.

The special pro extractor blades ensure the maximum extraction of nutrients and vitamins, helping you to get the maximum and stay at the forefront of a healthy diet. The speed button settings help to break down even the fibrous of fruits and vegetable such as kale to give even the ever smoothest consistency compared to other blenders.

The easy to use, clear and responsive buttons, its Auto-IQ one touch intelligence programme allows you to achieve the preferred consistency with a push of a button. The cups, blend pitcher and food processor bowl’s volume measurements are legible, accurate and they are resistant to being stained by colours from fruits and vegetables.

Although, Nutri Ninja Blender does not come cheap, the price ranges from £134.99 (being the sales price as at Dec. 2017 on Amazon) to £249.99 (standard price on Ninja Kitchen). The Nutri Ninja Blender System is quite bulky, has 16 parts to store and a few parts to clean, depending on what it is used for. The blender is fairly loud because of it powerful motor, 1500 watts. I literally use mine twice a day since the last two years. These cons clearly underscore the pros - clear and responsive buttons, excellent functions that give excellent results, easy to assemble, clear LED control panel with timer, accurate and clear volume measurement, impressive blending action, good selection of speed and its numerous benefits.

According to GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTION (GHI), This Nutri Ninja blender gave amazing results across all tested ingredients, even crushing ice evenly. The GHI expert verdict for Nutri Ninja Blender is an impressive overall score, 91 out 100.

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