February 20, 2020

Green plantains are distinguished by their age. They are clearly the younger immature or unripe stage of the fruit. Their green peel is thin and they have a very firm and starchy textured, lean-flavored flesh due to their very low sugar content. As plantains ripen, they become sweet and their colour changes from green to yellow to brown to black.

Green plantain is a well known and an extremely versatile fruit. It is used in making different types of staple food and delicious snacks, they are easily digestible and consumed in most countries. Green plantains, as the name suggests, are used in green/healthy recipes, such as but not limited to: green plantain chips, green plantain porridge, green plantain vegetable porridge, green plantain flour (when dehydrated and grounded), green plantain sw...

Truly unique! So, what is it? Like many other smoothies, it's a thick, creamy, sweet and cold (when chilled) beverage made from garri powder (garri lebu or fine garri), fruit (banana) blended with fresh whole milk, evaporated milk (or condense milk for a creamier consistency), peanuts and maple syrup, chocolate powder and crushed ice - are optional. This unique and nutritious combination or blend results to what we now call: ''Creamy Garri and Peanut Smoothie'', otherwise called Garium Sulphate Smoothie - peanut flavoured or better still fortified garri smoothie or garri ati epa smoothie (in local dialect).

For those out there who do not know or who haven't heard about garri or garri granule or cassava flakes as otherwise known. It's a popular West African food derived from cassava tubers....

December 28, 2017

Panasonic  MJ-L500 is a masticating slow juicer with a 150 watts motor, a 400ml marked juice container and a pulp container. It has one speed plus an anti-clog reverse setting and comes with a frozen attachment for making sorbets and frozen desserts.

Panasonic slow-speed juicer features:

  1. Food pusher

  2. Feeding tube and lid

  3. Squeezing screw

  4. Juicer attachment (filter, rotating brush & rubber brush)

  5. Frozen attachment

  6. Juicing bowl

  7. 1.2l juice container

  8. 1l pulp container

  9. Cleaning brush

  10. 150 watts sturdy, non-slip motor powered base

This Slow Juicer is easy to handle, quiet and a compact design to behold. Thus, it takes less of your work space and it doesn't take up much of your storage either.

I have been using this unique,...

December 25, 2017

Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto-IQ Technology features:

  1. Ninja blade (powerful blades) technology

  2. BPA free pitchers – 2l blender, 1.8l food processor bowl, nutri ninja cups (650 ml and 500 ml)

  3. Drip-free pour spout

  4. Total crushing technology

  5. LED control panel with timer

  6. 1,500W sturdy, non-slip motor powered base

  7. Smart lid for easy release

  8. 3 speeds: low, medium & high

  9. 5 Auto-IQ settings – frozen drink/smoothies, food puree, blend, ultra blend and pulse

  10. Nutrient and vitamin extraction

I have been using this unique, innovative, sleek and high performance, great kitchen asset, smart blender which comes with a base and performs three distinctive functions, including nutrient and vitamin extraction, blender and food processor for well over 2 ye...

September 17, 2017

Fried cocoyam  (coco or koko as otherwise called by the Yorubas) is a well known and consumed street food in Nigeria and in other african countries. Traditionally, as the name suggests, fried cocoyam is made by deep-frying slices of seasoned cocoyam in any type of oil, including palm oil or vegetable oil. This process results to a crunchy (on the outside) but soft (on the inside) yummy and nutritious fried cocoyam! 

Cocoyam, otherwise known as taro is classified as a vegetable, a root vegetable. It contains significant amount of potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fibre, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, vitamin B6 and magnesium. 

Due to these outstanding nutrients, cocoyam is said to have health promoting benefits, including but not limited to: its ability...

Akara  (bean cake as otherwise called in English language) is a well known, loved and consumed side dish or street food in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Mali, Benin, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Brazil. Traditionally, Akara is made by deep-frying a thick mixture (derived by blending any type of peeled beans, onion, peppers and scotch bonnet) in any type of oil, including palm oil or vegetable oil. This process results to akara, which is protein-rich but lacks vitamin C contained in the beans seed coat, which for no obvious reason, normally get peeled or removed.  

“This efficient, foolproof, hassle-free and a smarter way of making a perfect and authentic AKARA will give you that light, soft, smooth and spongy texture and bright colour you love.” The colour of the akara (be...

Moi moi  (Moi-moi, Moin-moin, Moin moin as otherwise called) is a well known, loved and consumed side dish in Nigeria. Traditionally, Nigerian Moi moi is made using a thick mixture (derived by blending any type of peeled beans, onion, peppers and scotch bonnet). This process results to Moi moi, which is protein-rich but lacks vitamin C contained in the beans seed coat, which has been peeled or removed.  

“This efficient, foolproof, hassle-free and smart way of making a perfect and authentic MOI MOI  (or MOIN MOIN as it is also called) will give you that light, soft, smooth texture and bright colour you love.” The colour of the moi moi is solely determined by the type of oil and quantity of bell peppers used.

Unlike the instant beans powder and pee...

“This foolproof, hassle-free and smart way to make a perfect and authentic POUNDED YAM  will give you that light, soft, smooth texture and the white or off white or yellow colour you love.” The colour of the pounded yam is solely determined by the type or colour of yam used.

Unlike instant pounded yam, authentic pounded yam is a luxury as it requires a lot of efforts . Pounded yam is a common dish in other Africa countries, including Ghana, Republic of Benin, Ivory Coast, etc..

There are several regional variations in name and ingredients, with non-local versions regarded as "inauthentic". The name Pounded yam was derived from the 'traditional' method of preparation, that is, a pounded yam or a yam that is pounded. Some countries do use cassava or potato instea...

November 19, 2016

A creamy and sweet chicken with onion flavours and a delicious veg stuffing.

Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe. Juicy, tender, moist and yummy...


1 Whole chicken


Mayonnaise, butter, coriander, curry powder, chives, parsley, 
coriander, rosemary leaves, spring onions, knorr chicken 
stock cube, sea salt.


Marinade, red onions, spring onions, celery, scotch bonnet, 
mixed bell peppers.

Serves 4 people                                                     Cooks in 90 mins (+ prep)

How to make | Prepare | Method

Click the YOUTUBE logo below to watch the video from start to finish for step-by-step preparation instructions

November 19, 2016

Puff puff, as it is called in Nigeria, is traditionally an African snack. As with other foods and snacks, there exist different versions, ranging from: Bofrot in Ghana; Mikate in Congo and Kala in Liberia. 

Puff Puff is a popular snack served in most Nigerian parties. It is round in shape, golden in colour, delicious in taste, fluffy and spongy in texture. 


250g self raising flour
2 teaspoons of dried active yeast 
1/2 a teaspoon of ground nutmeg
A pinch of cinnamon (optional)
5 tablespoons of granulated sugar
Sunflower oil (quantity depends on the size of your pot) 
Lukewarm water
A pinch of salt

Serves 4-5                                                                  Cooks in 90 mins...

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